Random Sunday Thoughts

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*My fingers get really confused between my work computer and my home computer. If my fingers had brains, they would be at a pretty low risk for Alzheimer’s, what with all the mental workouts!

* I am making this soup today after seeing a link to recipe on How Sweet It Is a few weeks ago. Cannot f-ing wait.

*Last night I celebrated a friend’s entry into his late twenties in a bar with lots of old-school video games. It was great to catch up over drinks and pizza with friends I’ve been happy to see a little more of recently. Instead of a surprise cake there were surprise donuts, which was adorable. I tried a piece of a coconut one that looked delicious, but after a bite, I realized that maybe I’ll just never be a donut person, and what with all the other things out there to enjoy (as illustrated in yesterday’s post), that’s totally okay.

I may not love donuts, but pizza I can dig
I may not love donuts, but pizza I can dig

*Also, either I’m getting old, or those two Jameson & club sodas I drank last night were stronger than I thought. Goodness. This morning was not quite like the clear-headed morning after the last karaoke outing. I was up for another Athleta yoga class, but super-thankful it was a gentle one that did not involve hanging my head in downward dog too much.

*”Wow, my day was just not complete until you offered to send me a picture of your [preferred phallic euphemism]!” said no woman ever. I can’t decide if it’s better or worse to get a “warning” first. Furthermore, in what kind of work setting does one have the freedom to be taking/sending these Picassos in the middle of a weekday? Unless it’s the kind of thing one saves on one’s phone for when one feels like killing any semblance of mystery that remains in the modern world? As far as dating is concerned, I am officially jaded. My fall calendar is filling up fast with professional events and with birthday celebrations for friends and family. I’m willing to risk the possibility of turning into a gray-haired New York City eccentric with tons of stories but no wedding ring if it means actually enjoying my life.

*Speaking of enjoying life, let’s talk about music. My friend David posted the new Pixies EP1 on my Facebook the other day. Pixies without Kim Deal. So weird! Even though it’s just not the same, I will never be able to not love the Pixies. It’s pretty crazy to think it’s been ten years, but I associate their music so, so much with the summer and fall when I was 17 (haha so unique, I know).  Sometimes it seems like a universe away, and other times, a week since I was blasting this song 24/7:

What’s on your mind this Sunday? 

Working (and playing) for the weekend

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First off, Happy Fathers’ Day to all the baby-daddies out there. Here are a couple of my past Fathers’ Day posts:

Secondly, how is it Fathers’ Day already? And by that, I mean mid-June. WTF, time?

Despite having to work Saturday (I survived!), I’ve actually had a really nice weekend, thanks to a few catnaps.important things.

Friday night, my sister and I went out for dinner (I had a groupon to this place) and then hung with my cousin  and his wife before we all headed to see the Postal Service at Barclays Center. My inner 17-year-old was freaking the f*** out in the best way possible. Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis on the same stage? I was a happy camper.

I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about music on this blog lately—even more than usual. I may also have a playlist coming your way soon. I go through phases where I basically depend on it—it’s my frame of reference and my therapy and part of how I process things. Even the most positive changes bring challenges, and having some go-to songs for those tough moments makes all the differences. I also find that I get attached to certain songs that speak to a particular experience I’m having. Later, when I listen to those songs I feel like I’m traveling in time, for better or worse (I think a lot of us have “lost” favorite albums or artists to relationships gone south).

Luckily, the weather has been beautiful this weekend. I spent most of Saturday afternoon/early evening outside near the water—freaking gorgeous! Wore myself out all over again…

What have you been up to this weekend? Do you “time travel” through music? 

Things that should happen more often

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I don’t know about you, but for me, it can be so easy to slip into “creature of habit” mode. Or maybe consider yourself an all-the-time COH and are, like, “Wait, that’s a just a mode one can slip into? Since when?”

Either way. When it comes to breakfast, as I’ve said many times before, I almost always have a variation of oatmeal. Lately (and by “lately” I mean, like, the last 2 months), I’ve been alternation between this (with egg whites) and this, with an occasional green-pancake breakfast when I have extra spinach to use up. Over the winter, savory oatmeal was my thing.

Sunday morning, I was up bright and early (I’ve been gradually training my body to wake up a little earlier again in preparation for the new gig). I had plans for a picnic, but it wasn’t until 3 pm. So, after a workout to kill some time, I decided to use up a bunch of random things lurking in the fridge and freezer by making egg-white French toast for what I guess I’ll call brunch.


As I often do, I ate it with a side salad—gotta use up the greens and get in some veggies for the day.  Seriously, why don’t I do this more often? French toast is so easy and satisfying, not to mention delicious. This is definitely one of those things that needs to happen more often.

Are you a creature of habit? What are some things that need to happen more often in your kitchen? Or in your life, for that matter? 

A few good things

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I’m not going to sugar-coat it: there is some f***ed-up, confusing sh!t going on in the world this week: the Boston marathon bombings, the gun control rulings, the explosion in West, Texas…There are a lot of people out there who need love and support right now.

I’m not exactly in the kind of headspace that makes me want to talk about things like oatmeal (though I’ve been eating a lot of this recently) or omega-3s or even things like bacon or what you should eat after sex, but over the course of the past few days, my family and friends have reminded me that it’s also important to celebrate the good things in life, even when it just seems like the whole world’s going wrong. Even if it’s just celebrating the everyday or things, like, “Sweet—got the ‘walk’ sign!”

Central Park is waking up

So here’s a little good things/gratitude list:

  • My friend Laura and her husband Chad’s Bushwick restaurant, Mama Joy’s, got a great write-up in New York magazine recently.
  • Mad Men is back.
  • Beautiful weather, lots of long walks. I even wore sandals yesterday.
  • Thug Kitchen.
  • I got a capo for my ukulele. I can now distract myself in different keys much more easily.
  • And oh yeah—I’m starting a new job soon.

What’s on your “good things” list? 

What are you doing this Superbowl Sunday?

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IMG_0054Do you have any plans for your Super Bowl Sunday this year? Uh, by the way, apparently that’s this coming Sunday. Should I admit that I don’t even know who’s playing this year?

My friend’s Bushwick restaurant, Mama Joy’s, is hosting a fun event that even non-practicing sports fans/people oblivious to sports can enjoy. Besides, what better place than a Southern restaurant to get your “in moderation” fried food fix?

This Sunday, February 3rd, you can watch the game projected to 86 inches and take advantage of food and drink specials.
$2 Rolling Rocks, $3 PBRs, and $5
Goldrushes and Nevermore’s.”

More details here.

Not feeling the football? You can always stop in for brunch earlier in the day…

Dar 525

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It’s rare that my high school friends and I can get it together to be in the same place at the same time, but last night, a group of 8 of us managed to make and stick to dinner plans. After some wine at Ali’s, we went to Dar 525 in Williamsburg, a newish Middle Eastern restaurant.

The food was delicious. The table shared a few appetizers, and then I ordered a falafel platter. I think the last time I had falafel was over the summer (which was totally last week), so this hit the spot. I barely made a dent in it because it was such a large portion, but for $8, no complaints.

pardon the crappy photo—it was dark
pardon the crappy photo—it was dark

Though the restaurant is still working on getting a liquor license and had some technical difficulties when it came time to pay the bill, it was still nice to enjoy some good food with old friends. If I lived closer, I’d definitely go back to try the lamb and chicken kebabs and the shakshuka. It also reminded me that it’s been way too long since I’ve made falafel at home, so maybe I should get on that.

Do you like Middle Eastern food? How often do you get together with old friends? 

Election Party at Mama Joy’s!

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Hey New Yorkers, what are you doing on November 6th?

Come out to the election countdown at Mama Joy’s! They’ll have a wall-sized U.S. map and throughout the evening will color in each state red or blue as the status is broadcast. There will also be specialty cocktails to commemorate the evening. I’ve been told that if you bring your “I voted” sticker, you’ll receive special attention and/or treats.  There will also be a round on the house as the new President is announced.

WHEN: Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Mama Joy’s
1084 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn NY 11237

I’m planning to be there for at least a little while. I’ve never been to an election party, unless you count 2004 and that awkward Boston evening I spent on some guy’s couch back when I was an undergrad with a habit of “dating” lit mag editors who probably just liked me because they wanted someone to write poems about them. Little did they know what they were dealing with…Write, I did ; )

(I actually had dinner with one of them last year, and he asked, “So, did you ever kill me off in a story?”My response: “I was nineteen!”)

Anyway, in 2008, I was home in NYC with my then-boyfriend. We didn’t have TV (I still don’t), but I knew Obama had won when I heard the commotion outside. That was actually kind of cool—regardless of how you’d voted, it still  felt like a big moment.

I’m curious to see how this year pans out!

Have you ever been to an election party?