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Merry Revolution to Me

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My birthday totally snuck up on me this year. The “oh s***” moment came yesterday while I was out for lunch with a friend I’ve known since, technically, nursery school, and we were talking about weird it is that all our friends are married and the ways in which we are and are not dreading our high school reunion.

“Oh s***,” I said, and smacked the table. “Tomorrow’s my birthday. F***.”

And then I joined the cookie-baking party that had been underway at my aunt’s house since 1 pm. I drank a glass of port and spaced out for a moment as I watched everybody work from the recipes they’ve treasured since “before Black Friday,” as my mom said—plus some awesome newer recipes they’ve added to the roster over the years. IMG_4085

I remember going to Cookie Baking day as a little kid, then as a pre-teen, a teenager…I’m sure I went when I was in college, but I’m drawing a momentary blank. And now I’m the age my mother was when she had her second child. If I feel old, I should take a moment to acknowledge my parents and shut my mouth about that one.

My mom loves to torture us with this picture
My mom loves to torture us with this picture

I have to admit, the past year was not at all what I expected, but in many ways, much better than I could have anticipated. From getting my license and my Masters,  to learning how to crack open my own damn lobster—and that McNuggets in bed is a deal-breaker for me (long story)—27 was a game-changer. I’m eager to see what this next year has in store.

I have some exciting things in the works that I’m looking forward to sharing with you along the way. If nothing else, cheers to that : )

Random Sunday Thoughts

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*My fingers get really confused between my work computer and my home computer. If my fingers had brains, they would be at a pretty low risk for Alzheimer’s, what with all the mental workouts!

* I am making this soup today after seeing a link to recipe on How Sweet It Is a few weeks ago. Cannot f-ing wait.

*Last night I celebrated a friend’s entry into his late twenties in a bar with lots of old-school video games. It was great to catch up over drinks and pizza with friends I’ve been happy to see a little more of recently. Instead of a surprise cake there were surprise donuts, which was adorable. I tried a piece of a coconut one that looked delicious, but after a bite, I realized that maybe I’ll just never be a donut person, and what with all the other things out there to enjoy (as illustrated in yesterday’s post), that’s totally okay.

I may not love donuts, but pizza I can dig
I may not love donuts, but pizza I can dig

*Also, either I’m getting old, or those two Jameson & club sodas I drank last night were stronger than I thought. Goodness. This morning was not quite like the clear-headed morning after the last karaoke outing. I was up for another Athleta yoga class, but super-thankful it was a gentle one that did not involve hanging my head in downward dog too much.

*”Wow, my day was just not complete until you offered to send me a picture of your [preferred phallic euphemism]!” said no woman ever. I can’t decide if it’s better or worse to get a “warning” first. Furthermore, in what kind of work setting does one have the freedom to be taking/sending these Picassos in the middle of a weekday? Unless it’s the kind of thing one saves on one’s phone for when one feels like killing any semblance of mystery that remains in the modern world? As far as dating is concerned, I am officially jaded. My fall calendar is filling up fast with professional events and with birthday celebrations for friends and family. I’m willing to risk the possibility of turning into a gray-haired New York City eccentric with tons of stories but no wedding ring if it means actually enjoying my life.

*Speaking of enjoying life, let’s talk about music. My friend David posted the new Pixies EP1 on my Facebook the other day. Pixies without Kim Deal. So weird! Even though it’s just not the same, I will never be able to not love the Pixies. It’s pretty crazy to think it’s been ten years, but I associate their music so, so much with the summer and fall when I was 17 (haha so unique, I know).  Sometimes it seems like a universe away, and other times, a week since I was blasting this song 24/7:

What’s on your mind this Sunday? 

What I Ate Wednesday #107: Sunday Funday

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Yikes. I just said “Sunday Funday.” Who am I? Someone who occasionally uses “Sunday Funday” as a blog post title, I suppose. Anyway, though I’ve been tying up a lot of loose ends and getting ready for some big changes that come with a new schedule, I’ve been trying to make the most of my last few weeks being able to set my own hours and declare weeknights honorary Saturdays.

Obviously, by now it is Wednesday again… and time for another What I Ate Wednesday.  As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting. To see more WIAW from other bloggers, visit Peas & Crayons.

Last Sunday was one of those “clean out the fridge” and get stuff done days. I put in a lot of work during the daytime so I could go see a late movie. Was anyone else not really scared by The Shining? I don’t know how I’d gone so long without seeing it, but I’m glad I finally got to cross that off the list. It was also nice to be able to go out for a bite after the film instead of going right home. Sure, I was tired the next day because my crazy morning people genes woke me up bright & early despite an eye mask, but hey.

  • Breakfast: Green pancakes
  • Lunch: Giant salad, toast with hummus & eggplant
  • Snack: yogurt with cereal and berries
  • Dinner: hummus, goat cheese, & veggie quesadilla, more salad( need to use up those greens)
  • Snack/2nd Dinner: (unpictured) Vegetable dumpling soup at 1 a.m.—why not?

What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Last late-night bite? 

What I Ate Wednesday #105: Food Photo “Rules”

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Good morning and happy Wednesday! This week is going crazy-fast for me, but I’ve been enjoying the nice weather we’re finally having here in the northeast, even if it’s going back into the 50’s later this week. So let’s do this What I Ate Wednesday thing, shall we? As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting. To see more WIAW from other bloggers, visit Peas & Crayons.

So far this week, I haven’t been photographing much, mostly because I’ve either been too busy to remember or not in the mood to interrupt a conversation with an iPhone camera or because I’ve been with people who don’t really know about the blog. I don’t like to be “that girl who takes pictures of all her food,” you know?  I’m curious—do any of you bloggers out there have any particular rules about food photos when you’re with others?

Though I’m exaggerating when I liken having a food blog to having kids or a dog, you do have to say at point, “Hey, I have this thing that’s part of my life, and I need to do things for it—are you cool being around that sometimes?”  Or like, “Hey, I need to go walk my blog—want to come with?”

It’s more than just being seen as “weird,” though. For example, what if someone reads into an implied intimacy because you show off a meal you enjoyed with them online? It’s a very subtle but powerful signal we bloggers use, often without even realizing it. Since the nature of sharing meals is an intimate act in and of itself (think way back to caveman days—you didn’t share your fire or meat with your enemies), posting those things for the world to see is a way of saying, “Look at these intimate things we’re doing together.” Even if the dining company isn’t fully conscious of this, it definitely alters the dynamic. It’s somewhat akin to saying, “Do you want to come back to my place?”

I’ve had to teach myself to really tune in to my gut feeling about someone before I whip out my phone or camera. I’ve also noticed that my desire to share photos of meals I enjoy with someone—or lack there of–says a lot about my feelings for that person. I actually once realized I needed to stop seeing someone because I was terrified that if I posted about meals I’d had with them, they’d start acting like they “owned” me. On the flip side, I’ve gone out with people (though very, very few) with whom I’ve had to keep myself from taking a photo on the first date.

Haha anyway, I’m just rambling. Whether it’s new friends, new more-than-friends, or new co-workers, I often wonder how best to approach it once I’ve gotten comfortable enough to do so. I find What I Ate Wednesday is actually the easiest ice-breaker because I can just explain, “Yeah, I do this fun weekly link-up…so that’s why I’m photographing my lunch tray/cocktail/dinner.”

Speaking of What I Ate Wednesday, let’s get to the what-I-ate part. Here’s what I enjoyed on Sunday.

  • Breakfast: Apple-spice oats with sunflower butter & bee pollen. 
  • Lunch: Poached eggs with avocado, mushrooms, and tomato, English muffin on the side
  • Snack: (unpictured) Hummus, crackers, and olives during a wine-tasting
  • Dinner: Steak with mango-cilantro salsa; side salad 
  • Snack: (unpictured) seaweed, cucumber salad

So I’m curious—do you have any food photo “rules?” What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently?  


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Happy Monday—how’s it going? Pardon yesterday’s radio silence. I spent a lot of time this weekend out enjoying the city: among other things, there was oyster happy hourbrunch, wandering around Chelsea Market, a wine-tasting class, dinner, and a movie.

Sometimes I complain about working from home and “having” to set my own schedule, but I’m truly grateful for days I can say yes to things and enjoy a Sunday-like Monday. After enjoying a late breakfast outside in the sun (without a sweater or jacket!), I’d definitely say this one is off to a good start. It’s back to the grind tomorrow, so I’m thankful to be enjoying such a nice day.

What was the highlight of your weekend? What are you looking forward to this week? 

Happy Easter

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Scary but probably delicious. Prediabetes, anyone?


Chocolate Easter bunnies—yay or nay? 

New York Weekend

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Sometimes I have really mellow weekends, and other times, I have super-busy weekends. This past weekend fell into the latter category. I got to spend a lot of time out and about with  some of my favorite people—a friend was visiting and my sister and I finally managed to find some time to hang out.

Highlights involved a group dinner at Hearth Friday night, drinks with friends and then a jazz show Saturday night (followed by late-night girl-talk over tea at Starbucks until they kicked us out to close, and then lots of outside time on Sunday. After a stop for Indian food, my sister and I checked out the Coffee & Tea Festival and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, walking around, and catching up.

It was one of those perfect New York City kind of weekends, and I’m grateful I got to take a little break and have some fun and some good conversations. It was restorative in a way I didn’t even know I needed, but I feel a lot better equipped to face the week.

What were your weekend highlights?