2014 Resolutions

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So, the other day I caught myself popping a stick of Orbit at the exact moment I was thinking, “Maybe I’ll try cutting back on gum this year.”Photo on 12-28-13 at 3.31 PM #2

Clearly, that’s not happening.

After reviewing how I did on my 2013 resolutions, one thing that stuck out to me was the fact that I did not take my own advice about measurable goals. I talked about meditation and mindfulness, but did I outline any kind of plan for myself like, “I am going to meditate for this many minutes this many times per week?” Nope. I said, “Get outside more,” but I didn’t get any more specific than that. Hardly a recipe for success.

So, with that in mind, I have come up with a few 2014 resolutions for myself:

  • Go to one networking or other professional event per month—I actually started this back in September and have stuck to it so far.
  • Practice yoga twice per week.
  • Catch up with friends over drinks or a meal at least once a month.
  • If he deserves to have a drink thrown in his face, throw the drink…and then make a quick exit.

I also have some other goals in the financial/business realm that aren’t as easy to summarize in bullet points, but I’ll say that I’m planning to make Quickbooks one of my new best friends this year. I also am going to need to clock some serious coffee-shop hours for a writing project, but looking forward to that. Haha maybe I can at least turn that last one into a bullet point:

  • Work in a coffee shop at least once per week

What are some of your goals for the new year? 

Another kind of Pumpkin Spice

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So I may have also bought this at Trader Joe’s over the weekend.

pumpkin ravioliMy palms will surely be orange in no time (hello, beta-carotene) and then I’ll back off, but for now I’m enjoying all this pumpkin and pumpkin spice business–except the super-sweet stuff in the manner of Starbucks lattes—I like my coffee dark and bitter (like my heart).

Speaking of pumpkin spice, this Onion article was floating around Facebook the other day, and I needed to share. Yep, another Onion post. The idea of seasonal pornography is freaking hilarious to me. Who am I kidding—it probably already exists.

If the Onion ever wants to add a Health/Wellness or a Food & Wine section, they should seriously call me. Few things would make me as happy as writing nutritional satire. I’d probably need a pseudonym though. Hm…the Dark-Hearted RD? (see above).

If you could have any other job, what would it be? What’s your current pumpkin fix of choice? Any pseudonym suggestions? What would yours be? 

And now for some random good news…

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From now on I will only drink kombucha out of wine glasses. Cheers!
From now on I will only drink kombucha out of wine glasses. Cheers!



Oh hey, so this article I wrote is in the current print edition of Food & Nutrition Magazine. Enjoy!


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Good morning—happy Monday! How was your weekend? I enjoyed a little stay-cation. It was so nice to unplug and unwind. I’m really bad at relaxing, but after almost 4 years of grad school with a dietetic internship and some crazy studying thrown in there, logic told me that one should totally take a few days off after passing the RD exam.

So I made a deal with myself: every time I felt that I “should” be doing something productive (on a weekend, I know), I would write it down so I could get to it come Monday. I was mostly successful, save for a few work emails and stats homework. Other than that, I did only fun things.

Friday I got a reflexology massage and went to a really fun Zumba class—endorphin overload in the best way possible. My muscles were so sore by the time I went to bed.

Saturday I cleaned, took a few walks, and made use of some giftcards I’d gotten for my birthday. Then I organized my closet. I’m embarrassed to admit I had more than a few items that had been lurking in the mix since 2003. Somehow, “maybe I’ll wear it this summer” turned into ten years. Whoops.

I love that Ann Taylor LOFT actually has a decent petites selection. Tiny ladies are people too!
I love that Ann Taylor LOFT actually has a decent petites selection. Tiny ladies are people too!

I also went to a favorite cafe and sat with a glass of wine (first white of the year!) writing in my notebook. I don’t really care if the couple next to me knew that I was taking in every little word and analyzing their conversation. Um, people in their late twenties and early thirties: why do we pretend to own less Ikea furniture than we do? Whomever you’re trying to impress will find out eventually! Case in point: someone who came to my apartment for the first time once said, “Hey, I know this table!” It was actually a good ice-breaker.

No matter your profession, I think it’s really important to just free-write sometimes, whatever the hell pops into your head. It’s a form of meditation for me, but a meditation that is especially enjoyable with a cup of coffee or wine. I used to be afraid to go and have a drink by myself, but it’s really nice once in a while.

Sunday I did yoga and spent more time outside. I also managed to read a whole book. A friend had recently recommended a popular author whose work, for better or worse, bears that “airport best-seller” label, but I was glad I gave it a chance—there’s a reason some writers’ books can get you through a transatlantic flight, no problem. Good, engaging writing that lots of people like is not a crime! I need to remind myself of that every once in a while, lest I wander into lit-snob territory.

I didn’t take a whole lot of food pictures, but I do have to admit, it was so nice to enjoy a simple salad between excursions outside. IMG_1864

Are you good at relaxing? How do you like to unwind? Thoughts on Ikea? 

WIAW Spin-Off?

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I’m kind of kidding, but I should totally start a WIAW spin-off called “What I Ate While Studying for the RD exam.” Let’s not even talk about how much green tea and coffee has been involved…

IMG_1739This morning I was up way too early (I think my inner clock must miss clinical, if the recurring dream about having to go back to the hospital where I did staff relief is any hint—I had no good reason other than maybe an unwise second glass of red wine at that Oscars party to fall back on), so I killed some time with a magazine on the elliptical machine and by throwing in a load of laundry before sitting down  to start another practice test. More plum & tahini oatmeal happened. I’ve found it’s very good with a drizzle of honey too. I may or may not have killed my stash of gunpowder green tea as well.

At least now I have an excuse to go to Chinatown—way more fun than cozying up to this business…IMG_1741

Between this and all the science and MNT textbooks I’ve made my way through over the past 4 years, maybe you can see why it tweaks me that there are still people out there who think all dietitians do is, like,  bake healthy cookies and turkey meatloaf and tell other people what to eat.

I may or may not have started a morbid love poem once with telling someone I would order them the proper tube feed when their alcoholism finally caught up with them and landed them in the hospital with pancreatic cancer. Just saying. And no, if said poem exists, the subject did not hear it from me.

…And with that, happy Monday! Cheers to a new week!

Sick Day

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After a night of crazy dreams, I woke up with practically no voice and still feeling achey and weird. Luckily no fever, despite the fever-dream-like nature of what I woke up from. I wasn’t surprised, but figured it was probably best to keep that sh!t out of the ICU today.

(Speaking of the ICU, I totally almost started crying yesterday when a patient I’d been following since they came in intubated and sedated was awake and talking to me—I must still be a bit hormonal/under the full moon spell).

Anyway…One nice thing about a sick day is getting to take your sweet time eating breakfast and checking emails in the morning. Who are we kidding, though? In a rush, I’d still have poured my made-ahead oatmeal into the almost-empty peanut butter jar. 

I seem to be a bit hyphen-happy today, no?

For better or worse, I’m that person who can’t sit still. I always find things to do when I say I’m going to rest. I’ll be like, “I feel like crap. I think I’ll roast an eggplant.” Case in point, today I have revisions due for an article and a biochem exam to study for. I’ll probably end up working on those today, if from my bed.

Either that or I could just hang out and watch My Drunk Kitchen

Are you good at resting on your sick days? 

What I Ate Wednesday #61

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Another week, another What I Ate Wednesday. As always, thanks to Jenn of Peas & Crayons for hosting the link party! Visit her site to see more WIAW from other bloggers!

This month’s WIAW theme is sensible snacking. I don’t know about you, but I definitely need to eat between meals, especially on days I work weird shifts like 7-3 and then have things going on in the evening.

I’m not gonna lie—I am way out of my element in this Food Service rotation. Luckily, I’ve found that by pretending I’m totally calm and capable, I start to sort of believe it myself. I’ve been having a much better time than I thought I would! Being able to set my own pace and manage my time in a way that works for me is nice. Still, I miss being up on the floors and seeing patients. That face-to-face interaction keeps me energized throughout the day, so any chance to get out of the basement, I’m, like, “Let’s go!”

I’d thought I’d be spending more time behind a desk, but I’ve actually been up and about a lot, running between buildings doing a million things a day, so snacks have definitely come in handy. Here’s how I got through Monday, one of those lovely 7-3-ers. Luckily, I was able to get in a little lie-down in before I had to go back out for an evening event.

Breakfast: Overnight oats 

Snack: Baby carrots (unpictured)

Lunch: Big salad from the cafeteria; an orange and green tea 

Snack: Gnu bar (I probably don’t need the 12 grams of fiber, but they taste good…) 

Dinner: Leftover kabocha squash risotto, side salad because I forgot I’d already had salad 

Snack: Pear w/ sunflower seed butter 

Do you like to snack between meals? If you do, what do you reach for?