Sunny Sunday

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This weekend has been the perfect remedy to a rough, emotional week. Saturday, I had to go get my spots checked at the derm in NJ, and then my mom and I had lunch (thank you, Karen for the great recommendation!) and indulged in a little retail therapy. I got some great deals on a few work things that will be perfect for the transition into fall.

When I got home, I took a disco nap and then joined some friends for BYOB karaoke. We hadn’t been since my birthday, and it was so much fun! Our vague theme was breakup songs, and we toasted to my cat allergy—at least if/when I die alone, I will most likely not be covered in cat piss. Medicine is great and all, but never underestimate the healing power of singing and dancing like a complete fool with your nearest & dearest. I had many favorite moments (my friends are hilarious), but especially  getting the whole room dancing to the Supreme’s “You Can’t Hurry Love.”

Though I always act my age responsibly and stay well hydrated, I was a bit surprised to wake up bright-eyed and energetic, having enjoyed a good dose of whiskey. And bourbon. And champagne (see toast, above). Yes, champagne at karaoke. Anyway, taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and my good mood, I took a long rambling walk through the park. I also cleaned the eff out of my apartment and prepped some food for the week. Burned some incense to clean out any lingering bad vibes. Yes, I have a Masters of Science, and I still believe in that stuff.

If nothing else, I can tell I’m well into the “moving on” mindset, as I was craving pumpkin at breakfast—and chocolate, but nothing unusual there. Chocolate pumpkin oats in an almost-empty peanut butter jar totally happened. Perfect timing, like, culinary destiny or some sh*t like that. September is next week! This is both exciting and terrifying.

Do you like karaoke? What are your favorite songs to dance and sing to? 

What 200 Calories Looks Like

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Yesterday my friend Caitlin sent me this fun list (with pictures!) of what 200 calories of various foods looks like. Some of these were foods you’d eat in their pictured context. Others…not so much. Here are a few examples:

Red Onions:

from Bored Panda

Werther’s Originals Candies

courtesy of Bored Panda

Kiwis (this actually looks really good—why don’t I eat kiwi more often?):

from Bored Panda

Mini-Peppers (too cute):

from Bored Panda


from Bored Panda

Some of my real-life favorite 200-calorie snacks of late:

Yogurt with berries & cereal


Beer & a mini Guinness Cupcake: IMG_1663

I also ate bone marrow on toast a few nights ago, in the context of a dinner-hour whiskey tasting. Even the small amount I had was probably more than 200 calories, but it was…interesting. I can’t say I’d try it again, but I also can’t say I wouldn’t. The flavor was fantastic, but the texture…the whole experience felt really primal and strange. Some primal & strange can be very good (wink, wink), but bone marrow on toast—jury’s still out for me.

What are some of your favorite 200-calorie snacks? Have you ever eaten bone marrow? 

Birthday Weekend

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So yeah. I woke up this morning and realized that I’m officially in my late twenties. Unless that was last year, in which case, I’m late to my own party. Either way, I’m happy to be here.

Lots of people have told me that 27 turned out to be a pivotal year full of change for them—so I’m excited and curious.  If nothing else, I already know I’m set to graduate from my dietetic internship in early February and will likely take the RD exam shortly afterwards.  I also just registered for my last Masters course, so here’s to getting new business cards with MS, RD after my name this year (fingers crossed).

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