White bean and escarole soup

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I can’t believe it’s already May. The weather hasn’t quite decided how it feels about warming up yet, apparently. It was cool and drizzly this morning, so I went to the market and bought a ton of escarole and other soup greens to use for a white bean and escarole soup. 
I threw in some veggie sausage near the end, to add a little extra protein. Vegetarian sausage is one of my favorite fake meat items—it’s really great sliced up in soups and things, but it’s also good if you mash it up with a fork and use it in sauces too. Very easy to work with. 
I also threw in some dried goji berries because I have some lying around and, well, why not? They added some nice color and hopefully some of those ultra-marketable antioxidants without screwing up the flavor of the soup.
 I just had some for lunch, and I am very pleased with myself. For some reason, making soup is one of the most relaxing things—maybe because it’s so hard to mess up.
I’ve got to get better at taking food pictures though. At least you can kind of tell it’s the beginnings of soup in this shot…