Four Things for Friday: Oloves and the “m” word.

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1.) This week, the American Heart Association released new cholesterol guidelines. Rather than focusing on specific numbers, the focus is on weight and lifestyle factors related to heart attack and stroke risk.

For patients who have tried diet/lifestyle medications, the basis for determining whether a person should be on a statin drug to lower cholesterol will depend not on simply their cholesterol levels but more so on the question of, “Will this drug lower risk of heart attack and/or stroke?” As this New York Times piece explains, you need to know your heart risk, and use medications when appropriate if it will reduce proven risk.

2.) Had to share this bit from Buzzfeed about why we need to stop using “moist,” the dreaded “m word.” Though I share in the passionate dislike of the term, I am equally fascinated by the way it makes me cringe.

3.) I am loving these lately. Oloves ftw! Oloves

Ugh. I am just not a “ftw” type of gal. Oh well, thought I’d give it a try. Let the eye-rolling-at-myself commence.

4.) While we’re talking about cholesterol…Here’s another thing I’ve been digging. I go through phases where cheese and fruit is my go-to snack. Usually these phases are determined by whether I find a nice cheese at the store. This chocolate cheddar cheese from Trader Joe’s is delicious (just sharp enough to enhance the slight sweetness of the chocolate)—a little goes a very long way. In the context of a day that includes mainly foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol, a little real cheese is way better than a crap-ton of weird “diet” cheese. Chocolate Cheddar Cheese

What are your four things this Friday?