ACE Fitness Forecast for 2011

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The American Council on Exercise has released their 2011 Fitness Forecast, and it looks like stress reduction and workouts like Zumba and TRX Suspension training are on the list of fitness trends for the new year. Corporate wellness programs are also expected to become more popular, as will group exercises.

I think it’s great to focus on fitness as a major part of overall wellness. You can read more about what’s expected to be popular in 2011 by clicking here.


ADA Commends Michelle Obama

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This week, the American Dietetic Association commended Michelle Obama for her “remarkable efforts to bring good nutrition and healthful eating to the forefront of America’s families, especially our nation’s children.”

In a letter addressed to the First Lady, ADA further details her contributions and describes the ways in which they are currently backing up her efforts to reverse current negative health trends as well as what they plan to do in the near future.

I’ll spare you the gushing, since if you read this blog, you probably already know how much I like Michelle Obama, but man, it is so nice to read about something good going on this week. Hope you have a good weekend planned!

Read the letter here.

quote of the day

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“…I mean, you get people taking a taxi to the gym! Only in America. You know, it’s not like you need to even join a gym to get exercise. Just find the nicest, most expensive gym you wish you could afford and walk to it–and then walk back…”

–instructor during a class discussion about “engage in physical activity” as part of the dietary guidelines put out by the USDA/HHS.
I was amused. She’s got a point. Living in New York, especially, it’s pretty easy to get exercise just walking around. Sometimes you get places faster that way. And besides, with all this swine flu hype still in the media, walking to where you’ve got to go is all the more appealing.