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Day of Fathers

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So I guess I spent a little more time talking about music than I did Fathers Day yesterday. I have nothing but my DNA to blame—my mom comes from a very musical family, and my dad’s been in the music business for longer than I’ve been alive. Because of these things, I have never wanted to be a musician (growing up around the business side can turn you off to almost anything, I’m convinced), but I’ve been a ravenous consumer of music pretty much my whole life.

I’ve also been known to be a ravenous consumer of good food. There was also plenty of that on Sunday. We had a full house as always—lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and a happy grandfather sipping on the usual Johnny Walker Black. My mom’s family does not mess around when it comes to food and drink. Observe:

What are some of your family’s holiday/celebration favorites? 


Working (and playing) for the weekend

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First off, Happy Fathers’ Day to all the baby-daddies out there. Here are a couple of my past Fathers’ Day posts:

Secondly, how is it Fathers’ Day already? And by that, I mean mid-June. WTF, time?

Despite having to work Saturday (I survived!), I’ve actually had a really nice weekend, thanks to a few catnaps.important things.

Friday night, my sister and I went out for dinner (I had a groupon to this place) and then hung with my cousin  and his wife before we all headed to see the Postal Service at Barclays Center. My inner 17-year-old was freaking the f*** out in the best way possible. Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis on the same stage? I was a happy camper.

I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about music on this blog lately—even more than usual. I may also have a playlist coming your way soon. I go through phases where I basically depend on it—it’s my frame of reference and my therapy and part of how I process things. Even the most positive changes bring challenges, and having some go-to songs for those tough moments makes all the differences. I also find that I get attached to certain songs that speak to a particular experience I’m having. Later, when I listen to those songs I feel like I’m traveling in time, for better or worse (I think a lot of us have “lost” favorite albums or artists to relationships gone south).

Luckily, the weather has been beautiful this weekend. I spent most of Saturday afternoon/early evening outside near the water—freaking gorgeous! Wore myself out all over again…

What have you been up to this weekend? Do you “time travel” through music?