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The Same Cloth

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I spent yesterday with my mom in the burbs doing girl things like nails and a bit of birthday/Christmas shopping. Apparently, we really are cut from the same cloth—for whatever reason, we both kind of love gloomy November weather. We also both like red cabbage with, well, anything. weird diner lunch

I fully acknowledge the weirdness of pairing it with a spinach & feta egg white omelette, but I just had to have it. I blame my ancestry: What do you expect from a gal with a lot of Polish and Greek in her background?  My mom enjoyed her fix with a burger that looked freaking amazing. It’s probably better I didn’t get the same, though. I’d probably have tried to put the cabbage on the burger, just because I could.

Another thing I have in common with my mom is the crazy-person morning people genes. I also love spending a day on cooking projects. After waking up before 7 (on a Sunday, I know), I threw in a load of laundry and set about making the first cranberry sauce of the season. cranberry sauce

Cranberries + Honey + Water=November Comfort Food

Man, I can’t believe it’s cranberry sauce weather. Totally okay with that, just no idea how the time has passed so quickly! Have a great rest of your weekend!

What do you have in common with other members of your family? Do you like November? 


Egg White…Pizza?

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File this one under: Things I Love But Would Never Serve Another Human Being:

egg white pizza(or at least a human being I was trying to, like, “entice”/woo)

I’m not too lazy to flip my omelet—It’s um, egg white pizza. Or maybe I can get away with calling it a frittata? Either way, it’s fantastic—and easy. I have reached a new height of Bachelorette Cuisine and am totally not going back to ugly, old egg white scrambles.

I’ll work on presentation when I have a reason…

What foods do you make when you’re cooking for just yourself? 


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I don’t know what it’s like in other parts of the country, but New York City restaurants seem to take food allergies very, very seriously. A lot of places will “flag” diners with allergies so that kitchen and service staff know not to get that plate near a particular allergen.

I spent Sunday with my mom. We had plans to head to the Cloisters after brunch, which was enjoyed at The Smith near Lincoln Center. The crowd was an interesting mix of Fashion Week folks and people who’d just finished the Komen Walk for the Cure. Talk about a juxtaposition! We also got a kick out of the little red allergy flag that came with my scrambled egg whites. allergy flag

We had a really nice day. The weather was perfect! We both took lots of pictures. Here’s a fountain I got a kick out of…fountain

Great way to spend a Sunday!

What was the best part of your weekend? 

Frittata to Go

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Even as a morning person, I am not in denial about the fact that I get up stupid-early during the week. Part of it is my own fault—I like to work out first thing when I get up. Because of my weird chemistry, it’s way easier for me to roll out of bed and hit the gym than it is to find the energy later in the day. That said, I’m usually at work by 7:30ish, so it’s not all on me. One day maybe I’ll have “normal” work hours…And vacation time. I’m looking forward to that.

egg white frittata to goIf you’ve been with me a while, then you know I love to pack oatmeal (lately I’ve been digging on chocolate egg white oatmeal and, as always, my zucchini bread oats with—yep—egg whites) to heat up and eat at my desk, but once in a while I like something savory. So maybe my egg white obsession is a little out of hand, but it keeps me satisfied and fueled for my toenail-breaking workday. When I recently had some leftover sliced polenta, I decided to work that into breakfast. Turns out it’s the perfect pairing with a mini egg white frittata. It was so good, I made one a few days later. This is totally my new favorite way to use up leftover veggies.


  • 1 small handful leafy greens
  • 1 clove garlic, minced or garlic powder
  • 1/2-3/4 cup veggies of your choice (I used leftover roasted broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes)
  • 1/2 cup liquid egg whites
  • 1-2 tbsp feta (or other cheese)
  • dried basil (optional)
  • red pepper flakes to taste (optional)
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Wilt greens in the microwave (zap for 3o seconds)
  3. Spray the inside of a large ramekin with nonstick cooking spray. Place veggies inside.
  4. Mix egg whites, spices, and cheese together.  Pour egg mixture over veggies. Mix.
  5. Bake ~25 minutes until set.

What time do you get up during the week?

Things that should happen more often

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I don’t know about you, but for me, it can be so easy to slip into “creature of habit” mode. Or maybe consider yourself an all-the-time COH and are, like, “Wait, that’s a just a mode one can slip into? Since when?”

Either way. When it comes to breakfast, as I’ve said many times before, I almost always have a variation of oatmeal. Lately (and by “lately” I mean, like, the last 2 months), I’ve been alternation between this (with egg whites) and this, with an occasional green-pancake breakfast when I have extra spinach to use up. Over the winter, savory oatmeal was my thing.

Sunday morning, I was up bright and early (I’ve been gradually training my body to wake up a little earlier again in preparation for the new gig). I had plans for a picnic, but it wasn’t until 3 pm. So, after a workout to kill some time, I decided to use up a bunch of random things lurking in the fridge and freezer by making egg-white French toast for what I guess I’ll call brunch.


As I often do, I ate it with a side salad—gotta use up the greens and get in some veggies for the day.  Seriously, why don’t I do this more often? French toast is so easy and satisfying, not to mention delicious. This is definitely one of those things that needs to happen more often.

Are you a creature of habit? What are some things that need to happen more often in your kitchen? Or in your life, for that matter? 

Keeping It Real on Skinny Ms!

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Happy Friday, guys! Hope the week has been kind to you and that you’re looking forward to a great weekend.

IMG_1369A few weeks ago, I was asked to submit a recipe to Skinny Ms, a healthy living website that features good-for-you recipes. Along with other contributors’ delicious meals, you can find my chocolate oatmeal with egg whites. True, you could always get that from my recipe page, but visiting other blogs is fun! If nothing else, if you’re in the northeast, it makes for a great way to spend time while snowed in.

What recipes are you loving lately? If you’re in the area where the snowstorm is headed, how are you prepping? 

What I Ate Wednesday #94:

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And somehow it’s Wednesday again. Here’s to another What I Ate Wednesday.  As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting the weekly link party. To see more WIAW from other bloggers, visit Peas & Crayons.

This Monday marked the start of my “professional development” rotation. I actually feel really lucky to have this rotation last—I have some coffee dates and networking events planned, but perhaps more importantly, I’m hoping it will help me ease into the great unknown of post-internship land. Going from having a set schedule (even one that changes every three weeks) to not really having a schedule scares me a little.

Because my schedule is more flexible for the next few weeks, I woke up without an alarm Monday, which was so nice! I was still feeling a little wiped from my weekend cold, but well enough to haul it out to New Jersey for a doctor’s appointment (another month, another suspicious mole to cut off). My mom was working from home, so we were able to have lunch first, which was great!

I didn’t stick around too long after my appointment, but I had a nice visit. Luckily, the removal of the aforementioned suspiciousness was quick and relatively painless, though I’m now sporting an attractive little bandaid on my neck. Oh well. I’ve dealt with worse—aka this summer, when I spent three weeks with stitches in my chest and no painkillers.

Anyway. I didn’t even mind the traffic on the way home, since it gave me a chance to just relax and listen to music. I even made it home in time to make a “real” dinner. It was the first night in a while I actually felt hungry enough to eat something other than soup, so that was kind of a relief. Here’s the rest of what I ate Monday…

Breakfast: Chocolate oatmeal with egg whites—and pumpkin cooked in—topped with pumpkin-and-chocolate PB2…mousse? I never know what to call it…

Lunch: Steak salad with my mom.

Snack: (unpictured) clementine and later, kombucha while cooking

Dinner: Brown basmati rice (with curry powder & raisins cooked in), baked tofu, and lots of veggies, avocado on top

Snack: Plain yogurt with berries and cereal—nothing new

And then I peaced out with some NyQuil and slept for 10 hours. It was glorious. I woke up feeling 99.999% back to normal. And by normal, I mean pre-staff relief normal!

Do you lose your appetite when you’re sick? What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently?