Something Good

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Sunday morning, I was up way early (so what else is new?) and prepping some food for the week. When I paused for breakfast, I was reminded of one of the very awesome things about being single: No one was there to tell me there was anything weird about eating soup for breakfast!

soup for breakfast

This was pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. It’s basically the same as my recipe for yellow split-pea soup, only instead of cabbage, I used thawed frozen spinach. Aside from the fact that it tastes good, the hefty dose of turmeric and garlic also helps clear up whatever cold-weather bug is trying to mess with your immune system.

Like I said, cold weather makes me crave savory breakfasts for some reason—this was the perfect way to satisfy that hunger pang.

To be completely honest, as a dietitian, I’d encourage anyone to eat whatever healthy food appeals to them in the morning—sometimes we do ourselves a disservice by limiting our options to the narrow scope of what’s “normal” to eat at a particular time of day. What’s important is getting a balanced mix of nutrients to fuel you for your day!

Do you ever have soup or non-breakfast foods for breakfast? 


Thursday Things: Randomness as of Late

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1.) Someone posted this video on Facebook the other day, and I just had to share. Cheers to positive body image and a f*** you to impossible beauty standards perpetuated by the fashion industry.

2.) My sister is hilarious. The other day she randomly asked me my favorite dinosaur and then to guess hers (I should have gone with my gut instinct on the first try, but brontasaurus seemed too easy). Our text conversations are often like this. dinosaur

3.) Speaking of dinosaurs, who told men that adding “-asaurus” to online dating profile names was a good idea? Also baffling: the insertion of “taco” into said usernames. Because nothing says, “romance” like extinct, supposedly-cold-blooded creatures and…tortilla-wrapped salty things? I’m confused. Where have all the #kalemales gone?

4.) I spent the better part of Monday night trying to decide whether I had appendicitis. Eventually, I said, “Jess, it’s 2-f***ing a.m. If you can’t motivate yourself to get out of bed to hail a cab to the ER, you’re probably fine.” I also figured that, worst case scenario, my appendix had already burst, so may as well get some rest to fight off the potential for sepsis. I guess this is what eventually happens to hypochondriacs who work in health care. Of course, I still ran down the list of nearby hospitals in my head, deciding which ones were more appealing than others based on who I knew who worked there and what the food was like. Since most appendectomies are done laparoscopically now, patient stay is pretty short, but still.

5. I made chili again, only this one featured black beans and a can of salsa verde.

6.) When I began the process of clearing bad energy and promoting the flow of good energy in my apartment, I was told to hang art featuring “pairs” of things in my bedroom area. This photo by LA artist Claire Oring gave me “I want to go to there” chills. Yes, I first saw this at Urban Outfitters, but when I couldn’t stop looking at it, I knew it was the right thing, hipster retail-dom aside.

Hanging art is not my specialty…Claire Orig photo

…but eventually, with the help of a pencil, straight edge, a hammer, and nails, I managed. It was almost as satisfying as that time I set up that IKEA coffee table by myself. Definitely as satisfying as that first time I made a soufflé when I was 23 and realized, “Oh. Hypothetically speaking, I can do this whenever I want. Sweet.”

What’s on your mind this Thursday? Do you have a favorite dinosaur? Are you a hypochondriac? 

Product Review: Zyliss Santoku Knife

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Other bloggers get offered protein bars and cutesy products; companies ask me if I want to play with sharp things and write about it. Somehow, this makes perfect sense.

I’ve often felt out of synch with others in my age group when it comes to certain things. For example, in my early twenties, while all my friends were single and out dating, I was making dinner for two and learning how to fight about money. Now that “all my rowdy friends have settled down,” I find myself fielding their questions about how anybody meets anybody anymore and what The Dating Scene is like (hah). Or we just talk about things like fiber and fertility.

As a Sagittarius (aka the Bachelor Sign) and an introvert, I love my independence and need adequate me-time. That said, there are also wonderful things about relationships. Lovey-dovey stuff aside, one material bonus of being in a couple is sharing kitchen stuff. When my last long-term relationship ended, I think I missed the cutlery more than I missed the company. I guess that says a lot about whether the relationship was really over. Anyway, I remember being particularly bummed about the loss of this one knife I used to love slicing garlic and cubing potatoes with, but I learned to adapt to life without it.

However, this spring, I started to get a little twitchy and decided to buy myself a new chef’s knife and eventually got some new cutting boards. That satisfied me for a while, but then when I was contacted recently* about reviewing a few of the new Zyliss products, I jumped at the chance to try out the coated Santoku Knife, since I’d never really used one like it.

Long story short—I loved it! The blade is nice and sharp and cuts through all different types of foods, which is perfect for when you’re making a dish with lots of ingredients (aka therapeutic soup-making). The handle was also super-comfortable and didn’t slip or leave a blister. The purple color is great too! All in all, it was fun to use and instantly became a favorite. This would make a great holiday gift for a favorite foodie. IMG_3987

The Easi-Can electric can-opener they also sent scared the hell out of me at first.

Looks a bit like a nesting doll, no?
Looks a bit like a nesting doll, no?

It took me forever to figure out how to get it on the can the right way (yes, I read the directions), and then once I’d cut the lid off, I couldn’t get the damn thing to turn off! I just kept watching the metal spin as my mind raced through various best- and worst-case scenarios. I think I’m a bit too excitable to handle an electric can-opener. That said, I appreciated that it did not leave jagged edges. It’s also nice that it’s battery-operated. IMG_3993Once I figured it out, though, I liked it a lot. Can’t say for sure whether it will become an everyday item, but nice to have options, right?

*Disclaimer: products for this review were contributed by GigaSavvy

Hangry Times

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For a few months, I was seeing this guy who said he’d invented the term “hangry” (hungry+angry=hangry). He seemed legitimately pissed to hear hipsters and bloggers using it without giving due credit. It kind of reminded me of the many times my dad told us the story of how he’d invented “butterface.”  Just nod and smile…

The person I dated after that did not seem to understand hangriness/hang-er as a concept but seemed to be okay with my taking us out to brunch on weekends. He probably thought I was just trying to be nice and/or show him what a modern/”you can’t buy me” kind of gal I am, but really, I was just trying to protect him from my low blood-sugar rages. That sh!t will break up a marriage—forget about a summer fling.

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re obscenely hungry, despite eating balanced meals at regular intervals? That was me on Tuesday. I felt like I was going to pass out basically all day—once in a while that happens, usually when I’m run down and working too hard. By the time I met up with my mom and our visiting friends for an early dinner, I was ready to gnaw my arm off. Or tear someone a new asshole.

Luckily, they were in a rush to get to a play, so service was quick. They’d wanted Mexican, so I got to enjoy Rosa Mexicano’s grilled salmon, which comes in a delicious mole sauce. Rosa Mexicano salmon

Hit. The. Spot. And nobody got hurt…

Do you ever experience hangry times? How do you cope? Do you know anyone who swears they “invented” a certain phrase? 

Fun-Stuff Friday

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How about a little more randomness to wrap up this workweek?

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Pizza and Sex

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So this post isn’t exactly about food except that, well…Have you ever heard the saying “Sex is like pizza?” Or is it that pizza is like sex? “Even when it’s not that great, it’s still pretty good.” Something like that.

If you came of age, like, anytime in the last 100 years in the U.S., then you’re at least probably familiar with the sex/baseball metaphor. Anyway, in this TED talk, educator Al Vernacchio discusses why we should move away from the outdated, sexist baseball comparison and instead start talking about sex in terms of pizza.

mood-lit pizza
mood-lit pizza

Now I know why it didn’t work out with Mr. Plain Cheese or Mr. All About the Sausage or Mr. “Carbs are the enemy” or Mr. “Dietitians don’t eat pizza.”

To lower any possibility of pizza-related guilt—real pizza, not metaphorical pizza—try sharing with a friend (or lover). Blot the oil. Have some salad on the side. Enjoy until you feel satisfied.

How do you like your pizza? 

Weird things RDs like

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I know sardines aren’t for everyone, but they’re so good for you! Come on—omega-3’s, vitamin D, protein…IMG_3210

And sardines to go? Healthy convenience food, what up?

Rather than take this little packet of weird-good to work, I opted instead to incorporate the sardines into a whole wheat pasta dish with kale, roasted cauliflower/broccoli, lemon juice, garlic, and white wine. Hell, yes.

IMG_3214I made whole wheat pasta once for the last person who dumped me. That probably had more to do with his spotting something shiny in the distance and less to do with “healthy” pasta (which, by the way, did not contain sardines), but I did learn that real people do eat white pasta and apparently I am in the weird minority for enjoying the whole wheat variety more. Noted. What can I say, I like what I like? Weird tastes good to me.

Here’s the recipe for a single serving of weird/healthy/delicious pasta. F*** the haters.


  • 2/3 cup whole wheat pasta of choice
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • red pepper flakes
  • 1 big-ass handful of kale
  • 1 cup roasted broccoli/cauliflower
  • ~2 oz sardines (or 1/2 a tin), broken into pieces
  •  1 tsp lemon juice
  • a splash of white wine (optional but delicious)


  1. Boil pasta according to directions on package in salted water.
  2. Heat olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add garlic and cook until fragrant.
  3. Add kale. Cook until wilted. Add wine.
  4. Add broccoli/cauliflower. Mix and add sardines. Stir to incorporate. Allow to cook a few minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, strain pasta and pour into vegetable/sardine mixture.
  6. Add lemon juice. Stir to incorporate and remove from heat.
  7. Enjoy : )

Do you like whole wheat pasta? How about sardines?