Doctor's Orders

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I’ll tell you a secret: I hate getting on the scale—absolutely dread it—because the number is often lower than I’d like. Though I make an effort to eat enough to keep up with my busy lifestyle, I go through phases where I have a hard time keeping weight on. 

That’s a big part of why I tend to think negatively on the rampant weight loss industry and the media’s obsession with weight loss. However, I suppose my perspective does help balance my viewpoint and requires me to take several sides of an issue into account when I read nutrition and health articles, especially those concerning weight. 
Today I had a check up with my doctor, and was frustrated to find I’m not quite where I should be. While most people would be thrilled with the prescription she gave me: “peanut butter, shakes, and ice cream,” it’s tough to consciously go against pretty much everything I hear and read. 
Guess it’s back to sneaking nuts and cheese and dried fruit into things and trying to be mindful to take in more calorie-dense foods. One good thing about having some knowledge of nutrition and how to meet my needs is that it does make it easier to know what to do to keep myself healthy. The issue, of course, is always habit, turning off the autopilot once in a while. 
Oh well, at least summer’s coming, which makes ice cream a pretty easy choice. I wish New York would adopt Dairy Queen, that’s one of the few things from the suburbs I miss!
Happy Memorial Day. Hope you have a great long weekend planned!