What I Ate Wednesday #136

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Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going? Mine is moving along at a million miles an hour, so let’s get down to the “what I ate” part of this post so we can all go on our merry hectic ways. Thank you as always to the lovely Jenn of Peas & Crayons for hosting the weekly link party. Take a visit to see more WIAW from other bloggers!

I love spending Sundays catching up on the little human things like laundry, cleaning, and cooking for the week ahead. This past weekend was the perfect example of that. I also enjoyed a lot of nurturing, delicious foods.  

  • Breakfast: Pumpkin cranberry oatmeal, topped with homemade cranberry sauce and peanut butter
  • Lunch: Langostino mac & cheese 
  • Snack: Plain Greek yogurt with more cranberry sauce, a little pumpkin puree, and cinnamon, with cereal on top
  • Dinner: Roasted cauliflower chickpea soup (recipe coming soon)
  • Snack: Trader Joe’s chocolate cheddar cheese and a sliced pear

How do you like to spend your Sundays? What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week? 

Thursday Things

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photo courtesy of NPR

Good morning and happy Thursday! Here’s some random stuff on my mind today.

Fall Music

  • The Elvis Costello/Roots collaboration, Wise Up Ghost—I love the sound and totally dig the way obscure Elvis Costello lyrics crop up in random places.
  • The Avett Brothers’ Magpie and the Dandelion got me through work yesterday. Seriously, there should be a rule about how many people are allowed to be admitted to a given unit on a given day, but having this album on repeat helped me get all my notes done and retain a good mood. I didn’t even know they had a new album coming out, so it was kind of like surprise Christmas in October.

Also, I saw this poem floating around Facebook yesterday. Pretty freaking awesome. Once in a great while, I miss spending more time around the performance poetry scene—so many talented young women telling it like it is and refusing to keep quiet about stuff that matters.

Orange vegetables. During lunch yesterday, while enjoying some roasted butternut squash (having already enjoyed pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast), I decided I should probably take a break from the beta-carotene soon. Or at least cut back before I turn orange. Starting next week…

I guess I really like red too. red

What are your Thursday things?

More pumpkin things–this time with bacon!

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So the other day I mentioned I picked up some of this:pumpkin ravioli

Well, I also picked up some of this: Uncured Bacon

If you’re rolling your eyes in the manner of, “Wtf is this stuff, dietitian bacon?” that’s fair—I prefer to let the experts work with “the good stuff.” I really have no business handling any of the applewood-smoked whatever-the-hell. All I really know how to do with bacon is microwave a few strips and then crumble them over things.

pumpkin ravioli with brusselsAnyway, I wanted to see how pumpkin ravioli paired with shredded brussels sprouts and bacon. Turns out, my hunch was right on. This was fabulous! Highly recommend.

I think the hardest thing in the whole process was slicing the shallot I sautéed before adding the shredded sprouts and crumbled bacon. I ended up adding a little parm on top, but follow your taste buds.

Any favorite new food combinations you tried recently? 

Strange but Good

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I’ve been eating a lot of soup lately. Even if it weren’t suddenly chilly out and I didn’t still have a toothache, it’s my go-to comfort food. In the past week, I’ve had salsa verde chicken soup, miso soup, and red lentil soup with roasted butternut squash & apple and caramelized shallot.

soup and waffleAs far as what to eat with said soup: Who needs bread & butter when you have pumpkin waffles and tahini? Strange but delicious, I swear!

Speaking of strange, I may or may not have thrown a few pieces of roasted butternut squash in with some plain yogurt and pumpkin butter. Why not, right? It was actually pretty delicious. Something else to add to the list of things I enjoy but would never subject another human to.

squash in yogurtAlso strange-but-good (so far, at least):neil young

What’s on your strange-but-good list? 

Simple, Beautiful Things

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I know everyone and everything is all “omg, pumpkin spice!” but let us not forget that there are other wonderful things about fall food. For example, the humble apple—what a beautiful, simple thing, especially with a little cinnamon on top. sliced apple

Need a reason besides this picture to enjoy an apple? How about 5 reasons?

 What’s your favorite way to enjoy apples? 

Sunday Things

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Happy Sunday! I don’t know if anyone else is as excited for this first day of Fall as me, but there really are few things like the optimism of a new season. Powerful stuff. I started my day with yoga—it was the perfect way to celebrate the autumnal equinox.

We’re also just coming off the weirdness of Thursday’s full moon. Did anyone else think last week was a little odd?

lobster1.) Strange/full moon day-things aside, my dreams were even more bizarre than normal. I think my favorite is the one where I was dating a fictional friend’s parents, and while I was out at a seminar, the father left a big paper bag of lobsters at my door, only each lobster had been cut into various ways for cooking purposes. For whatever reason, lobsters have become a motif in my dream and real life in 2013. Here’s what my favorite dream analysis website (yes, I have one) has to say about lobster dreams. Makes sense to me.

Earth Balance Creamy PB with flax2.) I decided to try a new jar of “work” (aka shelf stable) peanut butter the other day. I’m not a huge fan of the palm oil in this, and given its high fructose content, I kind of think agave nectar is basically equivalent to high-fructose corn syrup (albeit from the agave plant), but this ingredients list is still a lesser evil of the no-stir peanut butter world. And anyway, after  eating so much coconut via peanut butter over the last few months as I worked my way through one jar, I thought I should try something different. I don’t have any acute concerns about my saturated fat intake, but I do like to be mindful of where it comes from in my diet and keep that in mind when planning meals so I can get an appropriate amount.

3.) So maybe I’ve been binge-watching Season 2 of New Girl on Netflix. Of course, my version of binge-watching a show often involves having it playing on my phone while I do stuff on the computer. Weird, I know.

4.) I had Chinese food with my dad on Friday night and received this fortune cookie. Oh dear. That’s all I can even say about this one. Fortune Cookie horse
5.) As for that empty jar of coconut peanut butter…

Oats in a coconut PB jarBest breakfast ever.

Have a great rest of your day. I’m off to go read and drink tea in a cafe or something autumnal.

What are you excited about this fall? What was the last crazy dream you had? 

What I Ate Wednesday #80

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Another week, another What I Ate Wednesday. As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting the weekly link party. To see more WIAW from other bloggers, visit Peas & Crayons.

Since I’ve been showing you a lot of Sundays and Mondays, I thought I’d switch things up this week and show you what I ate Saturday instead.

This past Saturday was one of the most fun in recent memory. I seem to be on a roll this month (we’ll see about next week, when I’m working at the hospital…)—thank you for being awesome, October!

I promised myself I’d keep the day work-free, so I started off with another donation-based yoga class, ran some errands, and then met up with some lovely ladies at the Cloisters, where I’d never been, despite living in NYC almost 5 years. I ran home to write some emails and paint my nails before dinner and drinks in Astoria. I may have gotten home a little before midnight, but I’d had such a great, full day, I went to bed super-satisfied—and worn out from all that walking! I enjoyed a lot of good food, too. Not having to rely on the hospital cafeteria is nice.

Breakfast: Pancake topped with non-fat ricotta & homemade cranberry sauce; nectarine slices 

Lunch: Homemade bean soup w/ extra kale & sprouted grain toast w/ hummus & roasted red pepper 

Snack: Green smoothie (skim milk + xanthan gum + 1/2 frozen banana + spinach + ice) with a little cereal on top  

Dinner: Miso Ramen at Hinomaru Ramen in Astoria; later, some red wine at a nearby bar 

Snack: chopped granny smith apple w/ cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice + ~1 tbsp oats, microwaved ~3 minutes and topped with  more cranberry sauce 

Do you try to leave certain days “work-free?” How about turning in early on a Saturday night? What was the best thing you ate last weekend?