Nerding Out

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I’m happy to be nerding out for a few days this week at an integrative healthcare conference. I strongly feel that utilizing a combination of conventional and alternative practices is the best way to provide individualized care. When it comes to nutrition, there is a lot of talk around herbs, supplements, and therapeutic diets, but there’s also discussion around biological, psychosocial, and neurological factors at work on our health.

Food is perhaps our oldest form of medicine—all the more reason to ask lots of questions and do your homework when it comes to “natural” and “holistic” supplements and treatments. Stuff that grows in nature is powerful!

So far, I’ve been to some interesting lectures on menopause and on food cravings, and I have a bunch of other fascinating topics to look forward to. I love this stuff.

Another treat I’m enjoying this week: the long lunch break. It almost felt like I was on vacation when I sat in Le Pain Quotidien and enjoyed this smoked salmon and beet salad at a snail’s pace! I can’t remember the last time I ordered coffee after lunch instead of with the meal. At least not on a weekday!

what do you nerd out on?


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