What to Eat on Thanksgiving Morning

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For all my non-American readers, apologies for adding to the plethora of Thanksgiving-centric posts. In a few days, this will all be over and we can get on with the winter wonderland madness.

I know there’s a lot of hype out there about the upcoming food holidays, but I’m just here to tell you that it’s okay to eat the amount that feels right to you—no matter if you’ve got an aunt pushing pie or even if you feel weird to not have reached that sweet, satisfied spot of The Perfect Amount even though the cousins have already started the “OMG I’m so fat” talk.

We are all different bodies with different appetites, and it’s important to be kind to ourselves and let our own inner cues tell us when we’re hungry and when we’re full. Put a little bit of the things you really, really want on your plate and enjoy it.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…here are my two favorite ways to start your holiday off on a good foot:

1.) Do something active—nothing like a little endorphin boost to help you face the fam.

2.) Eat breakfast. Non-negotiable.

Oats & flax topped w/ veggies, goat cheese, turkey bacon, and a poached egg
Oats & flax topped w/ veggies, goat cheese, turkey bacon, and a poached egg

I know it sounds counterintuitive, eating before a big meal, but trust me. Putting a balanced dish in the bank will keep your metabolism going and ward off the urge to polish off the entire cheese plate before cocktail hour is even halfway over.

So what to eat? In a word: protein. Some of my favorite sources include plain Greek yogurt and eggs and egg whites.

3 Forty omeletEven better? Add some whole grains and fibrous fruits and/or veggies to keep you satisfied until the main event and more in check with what you’re really craving. A little healthy fat in the form of nut butter, olive oil, or avocado can also give you some staying power. Some easy, healthy options:

  • Greek yogurt with chia seeds and fruit
  • Egg white omelet with lots of veggies and a side of whole wheat toast—or an egg white scramble if the idea of an omelet is too f***ing labor intense on a major cooking day—totally been there
  • Oatmeal with ground flax and chopped apple cooked in, topped with some PB or almond butter. Or this.
  • Savory oatmeal: with spinach, scallions, garlic, and a poached egg on top (like so)
  • Skim  or 1% latte and a piece of fruit

IMG_2542Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you’re celebrating.

What’s on the menu for your Thanksgiving?  

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    […] Thanksgiving, Christmas is a major food holiday. I’ll spare you the “how to cut calories” talk […]

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