Strange but Good

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I’ve been eating a lot of soup lately. Even if it weren’t suddenly chilly out and I didn’t still have a toothache, it’s my go-to comfort food. In the past week, I’ve had salsa verde chicken soup, miso soup, and red lentil soup with roasted butternut squash & apple and caramelized shallot.

soup and waffleAs far as what to eat with said soup: Who needs bread & butter when you have pumpkin waffles and tahini? Strange but delicious, I swear!

Speaking of strange, I may or may not have thrown a few pieces of roasted butternut squash in with some plain yogurt and pumpkin butter. Why not, right? It was actually pretty delicious. Something else to add to the list of things I enjoy but would never subject another human to.

squash in yogurtAlso strange-but-good (so far, at least):neil young

What’s on your strange-but-good list? 

3 thoughts on “Strange but Good

    raechel said:
    October 13, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    I love this. For me, I think it’s not so much my food that is strange, but the way that I eat it. I was out getting brunch the other day and I ordered a smoothie and a bowl of granola, no milk. I proceeded to add the granola to my smoothie and eat it with a spoon, continuing to add more and more granola as I made my way down. Half-way through it dawned on me that this is kind of a weird/gross way to eat, so I apologized to my brunch companions. Fortunately, they didn’t seem too nonplussed.

    But seriously, those pumpkin waffles + tahini sound kind of bomb.

    Jess responded:
    October 13, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    I would have done the exact same thing! Smoothies with granola/cereal are awesome!

    What I Ate Wednesday #132 | Keeping It Real Food said:
    October 16, 2013 at 11:15 am

    […] Lunch: Butternut squash red lentil soup over kale with a toasted pumpkin waffle and—yep—more tahini […]

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