Last First Day of School

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Good morning & Happy Tuesday. It just dawned on me that today is my last “lazy” morning for this week. It also happens to be my last first day of school maybe ever! I have one masters course standing between me and my MS, and it starts tonight. Good times.

First thing on this morning’s agenda was pancakes since, uh, when do I ever have time to make those anymore? Kodiak cakes with pumpkin, bourbon vanilla, and pumpkin pie spice mixed in=awesome. I also mixed together some pumpkin and nonfat ricotta to use as a topping. When you have a bunch of other stuff going on, you only need a tiny bit of maple syrup, if you even want to use it at all. A half-teaspoon goes a long way…


Then I was off to hot yoga. It felt like such a treat to go to a class on a weekday—I can’t believe I used to do this all the time! I have some work to do before class tonight, but no complaints—it’s been nice to have some chill time!

How would you spend an ideal lazy morning? 


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