Best Foods for Digestive Health

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On Saturday night, I found myself engaged in a discussion on the immune system and its reliance on digestive health. Whenever I talk about “feeding” the immune system, what I’m talking about is feeding the gut things that will keep it happy and in good working order. I know that this weekend and this week I’m paying extra close attention to making sure I

Some of those foods include:

  • fiber—especially in the form of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • probiotics—try yogurt or kefir
  • prebiotics—found in fibrous foods like asparagus and oatmeal (it gives the “good” probiotic bacteria in the GI tract something to feed off and keep multiplying
  • water
Rubber—not good for digestive health.
Rubber—not good for digestive health.

The Huffington Post recently rounded up a list of the best and worst foods for digestive health.  I’m kind of sad that coffee and alcohol are on the no-fly list, but it’s all about balance. In the context of a day full of foods mostly good for the gut, a cup of coffee isn’t going to upset the system too much.

What are your favorite foods to eat for good digestion? On the flip side, what’s on your no-fly list? 

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