NYC makes soda ban official

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photo courtesy of the Associated Press

On Thursday, New York City became the first in the country to ban the sale of large sugar-sweetened beverages. This is its latest controversial attempt to curb the rise of obesity and its related health problems, and will go into effect in March of 2013.

By an 8-0 vote with one abstention, the city health board outlawed sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in many locations they are sold, with the exception of groceries and convenience stores. Diet sodas are not included. Violators of the ban face a $200 fine.

Cue the critics…

While I understand the criticisms of the ban, it’s still possible to purchase these items—you might just have to walk a few extra blocks. Big freaking deal. I think it’s ballsy and, though I question its effectiveness, I’m glad to see a city take the lead. Someone’s got to be first to give something new a shot.

What do you think of the ban? 

One thought on “NYC makes soda ban official

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