Breakfast at your desk

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Do you ever eat breakfast at your desk? I probably shouldn’t but I do it all the time at home—at least during the workweek. Yesterday morning I had to be in at 6:30 (long story), so I brought my breakfast to eat while I caught up on emails and projects. Overnight oats are basically my go-to to-go breakfast. I just realized that’s kind of an onomatopoeia. Sweet. 

In the mix:

  • 1/4 c rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • 1 small nectarine, chopped
  • ~1/8 c blueberries
  • a few sliced strawberries
  • cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Do you eat breakfast at your desk? What’s your favorite to-go breakfast? 

2 thoughts on “Breakfast at your desk

    Jennie Northdale said:
    June 12, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    I absolutely love your blog! It really gives me so much great inspiration, thanks for sharing (: The breakfast mix sounds awesome, I really need to try that!

      Jess responded:
      June 13, 2012 at 12:14 am

      It’s one of my favorite breakfasts, especially in summer. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by : )

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