Denmark’s “Fat Tax”

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It was recently announced that Denmark, one of the slimmest countries in the world, has imposed a 16-Kroner tax (about $3 US) on every kilogram of butter and other saturated fats “as a way to discourage poor eating habits and raise revenue.”

I can’t help picturing Denmark as, like, that flaxen-haired, maddeningly (yet naturally) thin mom at the bake-sale telling the other moms about how she taught her kids to read labels so they know to avoid things with high-fructose corn syrup but lets them choose one treat per week. The other moms scratch their heads and talk behind her back, but secretly, they think about switching to organic potato chips and devising clever ways to encourage their kids to be more physically active.

I actually don’t think it’s a bad idea, though, this “fat tax.” If nothing else, it’s an interesting experiment. I’m curious to see if future global obesity and/or health statistics reveal benefits to such a tax.

What do you think of Denmark’s tax on saturated fat? 

One thought on “Denmark’s “Fat Tax”

    […] that time Denmark imposed a tax on fatty foods? Well, barely a year later, the Danish government recently announcedthat they’re abolishing […]

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