Road Trip

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Hi, I’m in Upstate New York for my great-grandma’s funeral.
It’s been an interesting day so far. Has anyone else been a victim
of the iPhone
alarm clock bug
? Haha yeah…good thing my sister texted
me around 8 this morning—otherwise, Chris would have missed his
flight to Hawaii and I would have missed the bus out to meet my
family. Luckily, I made breakfast last night. Overnight oats with
pumpkin, banana, flax, and chia seeds plus lots of spices—works
every time. Rest-stop eating
can be tricky, but luckily my family always packs lots of healthy
snacks. A V8 juice is also one of my favorite road-tripping
items. Since the wake is
over, there’s not much to do until the service tomorrow, so we’re
hanging out in the motel goofing around on the computer and have
plans for dinner with the rest of the family later. Not exactly
“good” times, but memorable. It’s too bad it’s a funeral that’s brought everyone together, but still nice to see everyone.

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