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Catching up

Well, that’s another meatless Thanksgiving down. Hope everyone’s weekend has been pleasant and as low-stress as possible if you were traveling. I’m finally back in New York and savoring the last few hours of quiet before the end-of-semester madness kicks off. I finished one project in Boston and the other will get done sometime today. My to-do list is a bit long for a Sunday, but I’m still in that well-rested happy place where I’m magically able to stay calm about it.

I had a really great time seeing friends and sort-of family (there really needs to be a good word to describe the relatives of your cohabitant), but alas, it’s time to get back to work. All over the country, people are getting back to reality, back to the grind, and back to normal eating patterns that don’t involve turkey and stuffing. I’ve lost track of how many “What to Eat to Recover from Thanksgiving” posts I’ve come across.

I’ve got a crazy week coming up, but Tuesday happens to be my birthday. I’m turning 25, and it’s doing funny things to my brain. Nothing a celebratory glass of wine can’t fix. I’ll start thinking about Christmas next week.

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